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Peace One Day 2013

Sep 21 2013

Who Will You Make Peace With?

Peace One Day began as one person’s idea in 1999. Two years later that good-idea-guy, Jeremy Gilley, persuaded the United Nations to adopt its first annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on Sept. 21, 2001.

Last Sept. 21, 280 million people in 198 countries were aware of Peace Day – 4% of the world’s population. About 2% of those people (5.6 million) behaved more peacefully as a result. Peace One Day expects to double those figures this Sept. 21; and by 2016, 3 billion people will know about Peace Day.

Pen It Forward

Apr 25 2013

With the unimagined success of 14 Words for Love on Valentine’s Day barely behind us, we are shifting gears into our next 14 Words project: Pen it Forward.

            Of course, you can use pencil or marker or paintbrush or vocal chords. The only “structure” — and as you know, we’re really all about the art and giving it away, less about structure — is that you write a 14-word poem or story or song and pass it forward to someone. Anyone. More than one person, even better!

Get Love Here

Feb 14 2013

About 500 people from around the world created these 14-word poems to be handed to another person on Valentine’s Day 2013. Please feel free to download these files to distribute in your part of the world. The only thing we ask is that you don’t put your name on any of them. These are gifts and remain the creative property of each poet. Thank you!