your love

threw a lasso

that missed the moon

and took down my streetlight
- Tina Braziel
It’s difficult to love in life when you refuse to read between the lines.
- DaKyddGhost
History, a remembered past yes this is true. Tomorrow's history can't exist without you.
- Andre'a
Life may seem to be tough. Hold your head high child you are enough.
- Andre'a
A 6th grader
quit school 
today, before lunch.
Will he eat?
When? Why, America?
- Jodi
Real Black history
is the red pill, an 
endless rabbit hole 
of white lies.
- Jodi
Brush bravely. 
Welcome the art of mistakes.
Master the piece 
only you can create.
- Jodi
You and I are
the toughest
and I am so 
happy to know
- Rob
Magic happens 
Love given 
Burdens Carried 
I Always listen 
I am a School Counselor
- -Jhamarcus
The eye of the storm is always very calm. I am a school counselor.
- Angela