Say you, say me;
How about say we?

Few must represent many;
Challenging exclusion.
A tiny child
Stared into Grand Canyon eternity
And grew immense in universal belonging
Mellow by 

"Mellow blue,  
 the song in my head
 will never turn red
Gentle and new, you."

Just Pax It!
Bumper sticker extraordinaire.
Some days, I believe
It is that simple.
Packaged sentiment
In a bauble of words;
Looks cheap but rings true;
Stop judging.
I hear your silence;
Here's my voice.

I feel your pain;
Here's my prayer.
Whirling peas thinking of
World peace,
My heart assembles 
Broken pieces and lost dreams.
the eye tricks us
into routine blindness,
negative space ignored
to validate our views

Power murders peace,
jealously denying the powerless
a soft pillow,
a good night's rest.
I will be there;
Trying as always,
Once more, word alchemy
For One World.