Wanted: 14-words for Valentine's Day!

Jan 11 2014

14 Words For Love will be one year old on Jan. 29! The very holiday that inspired our first event is coming up!

You may post your 14-word poems and aphorisms here on Sat., Jan. 25 and through Feb. 14! If you're on Facebook, you can also post your poems on a new events page that will go live the same day -- Jan. 25. Everyone will be invited, as long as you "like" the community Facebook page or you are my Facebook friend.

What's the difference? Why would you post poems in two places? Well, first, it gives you a choice of what's more convenience for you. Not everyone is on Facebook or wants that platform. Second, only poems posted on this website: http://14wordsforlove.com will be considered for 14 Words For Love's Premiere Anthology, to be published in 2014.

Resolving to Love Uncertainty

Jan 6 2014

For the last three months, I've tried to figure out how to make 14 Words For Love more successful. Of course, the question is how one defines success. At its core, the success of 14 Words For Love is participation. People of every age, politic, religion and identity expressing their humanity and hope for it in 14 words. Hatred, prejudice, shame and blame the only content off-limits. In early December, I started the daunting process of non-profit incorporation. Two days ago, I realized (or fooled myself into thinking) that establishing a structure around 14 Words For Love right now could be its undoing. Although the idea of soliciting tax-deductible donations and grants is attractive, 14 Words For Love's success won't depend on financials or IRS approval or board meetings. 14 Words For Love depends on involvement. Participation.

14 Words For Love Foray Into Publishing (and fund-raising)!

Nov 6 2013

It's not 14 words, but it's 14 flash-sized chapters and a lot of fun. Consider supporting us with a visit to Amazon. Available also on Kindle!

Santa goes off on a reality TV celeb and is swiftly incarcerated while political, social and supernatural forces conspire to cancel Christmas. Two brilliant women -- a Russian hacker and a Moroccan pastry chef -- enlist The Legion of Doom to free Santa. But not before Joker and the KGB attempt one last deal.

The world of mythic, graphic and human characters becomes strangely credible in this international love comedy. Santa's meltdown sets off a chain of events where everyone - Mrs. Claus, the Joker, Russian spies, and lovely Carmelita - is forced to face what they really want. As greed and jealousy infect humans and supervillains alike, only love can save them...and maybe Christmas.

Christmas Giving In Flash (Fiction)

Nov 6 2013

14 Words For Love is a place where social good and economical writing collide. A place where, despite scary, tragic and confusing happenings of the world, we come together and offer 14 words of hope and community.

Many of you have suggested that 14 Words For Love be my full-time vocation -- expanding our reach, teaching at schools, community centers, facilitating discussions about race, religion, ethnicity, gender and other social identities. My answer is YES!! I am trying to make this happen.

Two months ago, I wrote Santa Breaks Bad: An international Christmas story wrapped in flash -- a 14 flash fiction-length chapter book (plus epilogue) all under 6,000 words. It's available on Amazon and Kindle.