Poems by Pearl

agape - not the mouth
opening kind - although
the jaw may drop open
in awe
a few words on paper
handed to that guy 
head in hands
little girl in thin nightgown
cold winter night - afraid
of shadows - until Daddy
did someone throw
out that melting pot
where humanity 
deliciously simmered
dipping washcloth 
warm water running
over her back gentle
on ninety year loved skin

he had a lisp not
charming to most
whispered wind
sweet to her ears
she never knew mother 
could love like that until she
watched her with baby

the light that shimmers
with gentle flickering 
or flaming conflagration 
-manifestation irrelevant 
sparkle radiates
each breathing, growing
moving entity upon this
spinning globe reaching
for life - all incandescent
what reason war?
asks the child 
when they always
make up in the end