Poems by Meena

Love is consciousness -
Often confused with mine fields;
Smothered by stereotype.
Let love be.
The unhurried sunrise;
The lingering sunset;
I withdrew from the world
But not the intimacy.
He had a song for me;
Always the right one
To carry me through.
He was an angel
Who wore average chap
As a disguise;
Help him remember.
He allowed a smile to creep in proving the improbable;
Love was still possible.
He asked which way;
His chin close enough to touch;
His answer, a kiss.
Between the sheets, we sang a new song and forgot the score - soul song.
Missed train,
Mist swirls in its wake;
Serendipity strikes,
Life's form of blind date.
You let me hate you so I wouldn't hate myself; 
Because you loved me.
Write me something beautiful;
No paper, no pen;
Feather traces hieroglyphs
Along my spine.