Poems by Jenny

The quake 
of your presence
shattered my continent,
filling chasms,
raising mountains,
forming rivers.
Let me swim
in the warm brine
of your ocean.
Find me
diving deep.
I want to teach you
Open your mouth
and catch my rarest nectar.
A rainy night
means cuddles
on the couch,
sipping hot tea--
best night ever.
Your ardent listening
says more about
the depth of your feeling
than any words.
After the angry words spill over,
distance provides the quiet
so closeness can reappear.
Possibility exists 
like the thinnest of
crescent moons when 
you smile in my direction.
Love mostly occurs
in the space between breaths,
the pause of a lingering gaze.
We breathe bliss
under those astonished stars.
Witness their blinking envy
when we kiss.
Even though I am
both saint and sinner,
sacred and profane,
he loves me.