Poems by Ann

Peacefully you left us...
believing in others...
solving problems unconventionally..
and believing in ourselves...
More time spent apart
 than together...
 but it makes the time we share
A peaceful evening follows,
When you forgive others,
Before your head hits the pillows.
A traditional woman,
Living a nontraditional life,
Unaware of her position,
Amid perfect juxtaposition.
Elegance in motion,
Demonstrates devotion,
Unconditional love, 
Sent from angels above,
Forever mine,
Son:  \"Peace Out\"
(Two Chest pounds...peace sign)
Mom:  \"Peace In\"
(Thinks Nuclear Disarmament)
First snow in Alaska in September,
But all she could remember…
Baby’s first kick!
Mold growing on her office ceiling?
But recalling that jobless feeling,
Back to work…
Never ending migraine pain…
Comes again,
And again,
Remembering before and after
Peace returns.
Feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate?
Be grateful that you have one!