Poems by Leslie

I've devoured Barcelona
licked Rome
kissed Paris ~
yet I'll always be hungry for you.
Diamonds collecting dust,
Chanel turning acrid ~
Wear them.
each day,
a special occasion.
my bleached bones buried deep,
my dreaming marrow stirs
under your vermilion kiss.
Rose sea ~ 
red, yellow, orange ~
waves of frangipani, honeysuckle, gardenia ~
you, every sweet petal.
Your smile ~
dawn sun mirrored off
the barn’s tin door ~
outshines the shadowed eaves.
Like walking across Spain ~ 
strictly forward ~ 
with less ~ 
when you have all you need.
From farthest arteries 
you resurface, 
tourniquet around my heart. 
The bind that unties me.
She collects him
from preschool,
face bright as night
on the Fourth of July.
Crystal goblet clatters
to the floor.
Into how many pieces
can the heart shatter?
I digest Lucille Clifton
while birthing oatmeal for two.
Attention split, the poems burn.