Poems by Athalia

Though we're parted by the sea, 
Little keeps our hearts from singing in harmony.
Color your photographs with pixels of genuity, fragments of memory, and moments we've shared.
Kisses over ice cream,
Butterflies in the heart.
Our souls grow from like start.
Amongst the crowd
I know you not, nor you me.
“Hello’s” a simple remedy.
If we're knitted in the womb, 
You and I are of the same thread.
I am negative space,
A gaping puzzle-piece hole.
Are you the missing piece?
Where once sat two,
Now sits one.
Sad at first, later fun.
My Angel.
Intimacy is not love, 
This much I know.
Let us revel in our friendship!
Hide n' seek..is not a game for children.
It's a metaphor for acceptance.
Love on the playground:
Chocolate ice-cream,
Deep discussion over playdough,
Setting our butterflies free.