Poems by Rosemary


My Answer

'What direction shall I go now?'
I ask the oracle stones
I made myself.

Scrabbling deep,
ha! — I pull out the one
on which I drew a heart.
Love is also
being glad you’re gone
away from discomfort 
and this trying weather.
A handwritten letter
sharing your day,
and I am with you
in quiet delight.
Such tenderness I feel,
seeing the back of a head
that might be yours.
A glimpse.
Someone who looks like you.
But after all
looks  like you.
Because your face is yours, 
I find it beautiful -- 
or, your beauty finds me.
It’s Lughnasad here.
What a harvest I reap
from our season together,
Bright One!
Last thing at night,
thoughts of you.
First thing on waking,
thoughts of you.
The birthday you had
this last lifetime
arrives again.
I toast you
in coffee.
In soft morning light
your head next to mine.
Your eyes open, you smile.