Poems by Liesl

A tiny child
Stared into Grand Canyon eternity
And grew immense in universal belonging
We carry those we've lost
always in our hearts,
stumbling, occasionally,
with their weight.
Love letter for a lost child:
I hope you find yourself
and love always.
fed only paranoia and lies
she became a whisper
echoing someone else's 
hollow words
you will know patience
when months lead to years
and your heart's desire lingers
We awake longing for freedom
and then purchase our own shackles 
at the store.
we're born human
until the training takes over
don't cry, don't feel, don't look
Small connections between people
grow and build like Legos.
Don't step on them.
Dogs are curled sweetly
at my feet
offering love
in exchange for my lunch.
Chocolate pushed its face to mine
and said of course I'll be your Valentine.