Poems by Keith

I wish I looked 
Like the kind of
Person you are--
Inside outside beauty.
Beauty and kindness
act as if they've
just been created--
proudly showing me you.
Favorite picture
Of me,
With you,
In it.
In love... 
Again it...
Is perfect.
People leave,
It's what they do.
So, Why is it, You ...
Are still here ?
Don't be afraid,
Of the ripples,
In the water.
It's only the wind.
Loving people
like you do--
What are they getting ?
Cause it's killing you.
Loneliness rode in--
Front seat,
With you.
Longing, desire,
In the back seat too.
We can see beauty.
Isn't that enough ?
We rise again,
We get up.
Beauty , poetry , love,
Crawl outside of you,
For what seems like,
Their first steps.
Someday, someone
Is going to see you.
Just continue,
To be you.
Only you.