Your Community's Fingerprint

1. Start Small

Start small and try to choose a date or a month that has some tie-in to community love like gratitude, peace, kindness, community, a celebration of diversity. Or you could generate more involvement for adopted causes or projects at your school, company, neighborhood or town.

Some ideas:

  • Valentine's Day, Feb 14: Love is More than Roses and Chocolates with focus on bigger community love or those in hospitals, homeless shelters, jails
  • Pay It Forward Day, April 28 &
    National Poetry Month (April):
    For more advanced classes, ask students to re-write their haikus into 14 word poems. (This yields more ways of creative thinking, expression, due to the words, not syllables, that count.
  • One Day Peace, Sept 21: focus on anti-bullying, non-violent communication or family violence awareness
  • Halloween Oct 31: anonymously-penned poems about masks and identity collected in a jack-o-lantern, chosen at party and/or distributed to a larger community
  • Thanksgiving Nov 22: 14 words of gratitude for all community members, distributed to isolated or poorer neighborhoods along with a food, gift or service drive

2. Human Contact

While just about everyone smiles at reading a good 14-word poem, the most positive impact comes from human contact. Walking up to someone and handing them a poem on paper, a heart, or a photograph? That is a full sensory, less forgettable experience than opening an email. For both people.
Human Contact

For several years, our global 14 Words for Love community has written and gifted thousands of poems, aphorisms and quotes. Many of us take dozens or hundreds into our local communities on Valentine's Day or Earth Day or any occasion that suits us. Like people, every event is different! Each neighborhood, town, workplace, and school has a unique culture, a kind of collective fingerprint.

3. Throw a Party

Throw a Party
Have a bit of fun writing these in a group! Have a party to paste printed words onto colorful valentines, graphic art or photos.

4. Take Photos

Don't forget to take photos, if possible. Send them to us! We will feature them here. Just remember to put the phone down most of the time… be there.
Take a Picture