14 Words for Love - 2015

It's nice to be remembered or recognized by someone on Valentine's Day. To be a special someone. But if you look at love through a wider lens, you might see Lloyd behind the post office counter, supremely patient, kind and always helpful. You might see Keisha, not that you've ever said more than hello to her before she takes your order, but you spotted her last weekend with an infant and toddler, waiting for a bus. You might see the line outside Durham Rescue Mission, a month after Christmas Eve, and think about the volunteer cooks inside and those outside in line, backs to a January wind.

14 Words For Love creates events (opportunities) to express kindness, empathy, thanks, compassion, and peace to one another. To appreciate each other; to honor our humanity.

14-word poems, aphorisms or stories are written to be shared with anyone, even strangers.

We create to connect. To remind each other that love is bigger than diamonds or chocolate hearts. Love trumps politics, religious and cultural differences, adjusted gross income and gender identity.

Enjoy these poems from last year's event... think about joining us this year (beginning Jan. 25!) to create and give away more love:

If you want to be loved, teach a child to draw a paper heart.

At the end of their love story Dementia cut in asking, "Who are you?"

To cradle a beloved beast's last breath is devotion's final, finest, grace-giving gift.

Sweet heart,
let's skip  
the flowers  
and chocolate. 
Send love 
off the 
right way.
Open hearts.
Love has 
placed  me 
in full 
circles until 
I could 
square myself
out alive. 
Thanks to 
love- I'm 
fearless, less 
bashful, more 
sunny, and 
swooned with 
joy everyday. ♡
Little golden 
flower in 
people smile 
this morning. 
I'll  wear 
coral tomorrow. :-)

My Answer

'What direction shall I go now?'
I ask the oracle stones
I made myself.

Scrabbling deep,
ha! — I pull out the one
on which I drew a heart.
agape - not the mouth
opening kind - although
the jaw may drop open
in awe
a few words on paper
handed to that guy 
head in hands
little girl in thin nightgown
cold winter night - afraid
of shadows - until Daddy
did someone throw
out that melting pot
where humanity 
deliciously simmered
dipping washcloth 
warm water running
over her back gentle
on ninety year loved skin