14 Words For Love - 2016

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The number of my Day Of Birth....
And the Day of Love,
How fitting.
I caught it
You threw it to me
Across the room 
With your eyes. 
So complex and yet simple. 
So easy yet hard.
How we love, love! 
2017 will be saved by love
dressed as courage
speaking truth to savage power
Though we're parted by the sea, 
Little keeps our hearts from singing in harmony.
Color your photographs with pixels of genuity, fragments of memory, and moments we've shared.
Kisses over ice cream,
Butterflies in the heart.
Our souls grow from like start.
He said, You love
that cat more than me!
though now I do. 	
One brings gifts
of string,
another occasional
Never lacking valentines: 
unconditionally lovingful cats. 
February leaves me longing 
for spring, leaving 
snow behind, leaving 
clothes behind,