whatever happened to
'I don't agree
but i'll defend your right to say it'?
Youth: So wrapped up in myself,
I couldn't find armholes to help anyone else.
I loved you for so long...
sometimes I forget that we have moved on
the entrenched righteous
cannot be saved
from ignorance
without cracking humanity's door
for enlightenment
Those corrective lenses, for that blind love;
Are overdue for a follow up appointment
Must love dogs,
Personal aid dogs,
Casual vest wearing dogs,
I just love dogs.
My friends have always been the best of me.
I love you, silly nerds.
Letting go doesn't always mean goodbye.
Losing them doesn't have to mean losing yourself.
We are stardust, racing across the universe,
Who knows where we are going, love?
I thought I was trapped
I was wrong-
I was freed
Into Myself
Years offering my heart to strangers;
I finally take the chance to keep it.
Raise a glass to love
Raise a glass to affection
Just raise a glass.
Frantically thawing frozen chicken
Because you just remembered
You'll both be home
For dinner.
We forget so often
Our first loves
Puppies, Kittens
FIsh, Birds, Turtles
Quiet Companions
Orgasm is the climax in love making
but loving you is just the begining
My veins run out of blood
your love revived my soul
love lifted me.

Sweet heart,
let's skip
the flowers
and chocolate.
Send love
off the
right way.
Open hearts.
an historic snowfall
recalls anticipating
a new love,
the falling
for each
The moon is unconditional,
its luminescence everpresent,
yet pulls at tides
to ensure remembrance.
Oh luscious dark one,
slipping back into my life,
melt on my tongue again.
Watching snow melt,
ground soften,
taking days,
I ache
to defrost
your heart.
You’ve become distant,
cool. Exponentially,
factoring windchill.
What is the forecast
for our love?
One alongside,
one wrapping
my head,
one warming
my feet:
A three-cat
One alongside,
one wrapping
my head,
one warming
my feet:
A three-cat
Falling for you
was rougher
than falling
on ice,
where only
were broken.
February leaves me longing
for spring, leaving
snow behind, leaving
clothes behind,
One brings gifts
of string,
another occasional
Never lacking valentines:
unconditionally lovingful cats.
He said, You love
that cat more than me!
though now I do.
Kisses over ice cream,
Butterflies in the heart.
Our souls grow from like start.
Color your photographs with pixels of genuity, fragments of memory, and moments we've shared.
Though we're parted by the sea,
Little keeps our hearts from singing in harmony.
2017 will be saved by love
dressed as courage
speaking truth to savage power
So complex and yet simple.
So easy yet hard.
How we love, love!
I caught it
You threw it to me
Across the room
With your eyes.

The number of my Day Of Birth....
And the Day of Love,
How fitting.