Peace One Day is Sept 21!!

Jeremy Gilley began Peace One Day 15 years ago and every year more and more countries, militias, armies and leaders in conflict-ridden areas around the globe are saying yes. Okay. One day disarmament. Communities and families are in accord: yes, one day no gangs, no abuse.

Here at 14 Words For Love, we write. Through our 14-word poems or prose we try to get at something true, something compassionate and sometimes crushing under the weight of that truth. We do it selfishly, as we tend to love writing and reading. And we do it selflessly, as we give away our work during the week of our events. Please sign up for 14 Words For Love (tab) and post your 14 words as often as you'd like.

This year's Peace One Day theme is Who will you make peace with?

You could choose yourself, an estranged friend or family member, an idea, a culture. You could take up the pen for social justice or advocate for a specific group, like children or those harassed for being different. You could just write 14 words that get at community, kindness, equality or empathy.

A few days before the event, download all the 14-word postings and distribute them as you wish. The smiles and gratitude you receive for this small act will astound you.

Thanks for joining us for this year's Peace One Day.

Kindest regards, Jodi

LOVE, There are no words. Only actions, your being, 
How you express yourself.

©Daniella Nilva Cunningham
How things change
A year into a minute
So different now
I can breathe
Love mostly occurs
in the space between breaths,
the pause of a lingering gaze.
We breathe bliss
under those astonished stars.
Witness their blinking envy
when we kiss.
The whisper of an exhaled sigh grown into a gentle wind of mothers' relief 
The whisper of an exhaled sigh grown into a gentle wind of mothers' relief 
Lions and lambs lying in verdant Elysian meadows - 
No other way outside fable's tale ?

V-signed fingers with flowers in our hair - peace and love young blushed  then 

Peacefully you left us...
believing in others...
solving problems unconventionally..
and believing in ourselves...

Warm smile
Presence in the moment
Steady gaze
Willingness to listen
Transcendent hope