About 14 Words For Love

For being such a small word, love is a pretty big deal. Sure, that romantic thing is nice. But there’s so much more to love than one sweetheart.

Louis Armstrong sang that when he sees folks shaking hands “they’re really sayin, I love you.” Burt Bacharach and Hal David, almost 50 years ago, reminded us

What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

How do you love the world?

Start small. Love yourself, your family, extended family, friends. Many of us try to do that. Reaching out to a larger community is challenging. But if Valentine’s Day is about love, what a perfect day to try.

This Valentine’s Day I thought about writing and giving away 14-word poems in the spirit of our beautiful, diverse community. After a bit of research, I learned that “14 words” has an association with white supremacy. This motivated me more than ever!

I turned to Facebook, set up an events page called 14 WORDS FOR ONE LOVE and was (still am) astounded at the response. Hundreds of poets and non-poets (who I would argue are now poets): accountants, teachers, retirees, CEOs, actors, students, programmers, HR managers, moms, grandfathers, and project managers have turned 14 words into one unifying event through very small poems of love, kindness, compassion, empathy and generosity.

John Lennon imagined. Start small. Imagine dropping defensiveness, resentment, irritation, bitterness, blame, prejudice, disdain and hatred for an hour on Valentine’s Day. Instead, hand out some of these poems (click Get Love Here tab) or write your own.

Steal this idea. Ask those you know to start writing, collect their poems and give them away.

Spread love through 14 words. Let us know what happens.

With love,

The 14 Words for One Love community