Early Giving

Instead of waiting to hand out 600 or more valentines on Friday the 14th, I decided to spread our 14 Words For Love throughout the week. Some of you have asked me about distribution (is there a plan? is there a certain way to give out poems?)... all good questions whose answers are all about what works for you. Yesterday I dropped off a batch of 14-word valentines for my friend Sheila, who sends cards to soldiers all year long. While I was out, I dropped off a handful at my local P.O. along with bakery treats (Lloyd, Rosemary and Angela are the BEST). Then I drove to WUNC radio where Gurnal Scott buzzed me in to drop off 30-40 valentines for the staff. Today, I'll drop some by a local hospital.

Wednesday, the Y, my favorite coffee shop, my neighbors, and between Thursday's 14 Words For Love slam at Cary Academy (I'm so pumped!) and Friday, I plan to go to Durham Rescue Mission, Moore Square and the NC Legislature. Please spread our 14 Words For Love however it works for you. If possible, give them--in person--to others. Creating is a ton of fun; the real connection though is in giving. How? The download button on the right side of the homepage. All 14-word posts are featured on a muted heart background. Just print, cut out and give. Gluing them on hearts is fun, too, if you have time. If you run into any issues, contact me at jodi@14wordsforlove.com. Thank you for sharing your talents, time and love with us and those lucky recipients!