Intentional Spending and Giving

14 Words for Love is an independently-owned social enterprise, structured to give at least 14 percent of all our profits to organizations that align with our mission and the human issues we focus on throughout the year, such as:

  1. Promoting peace and non-violence
  2. Social justice for all
  3. Awareness and support for mental and emotional health
  4. Creativity as the antidote to negativity

We strive to achieve three things. Every purchase will give you:

  1. Something unique that you won't find on Amazon or in big stores
  2. Sustainably sourced materials produced and fulfilled here in Athens, GA
  3. Satisfaction of giving! At least 14 percent of profits from every purchase will help our non-profit partners.

Satisfactory Tees

We partner with Satisfactory Screen Printing & Design here in Athens, GA, because it rocks on all our partner criteria. We chose Satisfactory's BELLA+CANVAS shirts due to its mission to BE DIFFERENT. Here's how BELLA+CANVAS walks its talk as an eco-friendly clothing company:

We dye all of our fabric in California at dye houses that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer. We take every opportunity to reduce our CO2 emissions. We recycle everything possible – fabric, plastic, bottles, paper… you name it!

Satisfactory Tees
Satisfactory Tees
Satisfactory Tees

14 Words for Love Theme Packs

Think about all the things that make us human: the ability to love, feel pain, grieve, question, resist, accept, strive, work, play and reflect. We've created theme packs that will change every few months, due to the best 14 Words for Love submissions to our site.

Our 2018 starter packs reflect some of our favorite 14 words for love submissions, plus sometimes beautiful, funny, or profound quotes and aphorisms by more famous folks. Kelly O'Dell Stanley has lovingly designed each pack to reflect each theme.

Letting Go, Moving On:
Letting Go, Moving On: who hasn't experienced loss? Sometimes it's a person, a place, a pet, and sometimes it's a plan you counted on but can no longer. This pack is for you, your best friend, your coworker, or family member. "The longing you seek is not behind you, it is in front of you," as Maz Kanata reminds us.
Imagine Peace:
Imagine Peace: who doesn't need a gentle reminder that peace begins inside of us. You could be right or you could be wrong or you could just be is one of our favorites. But you'll also find brilliant and helpful 14 word quotes along with some good prompts to help you own your practice.
Adamant Eve:
Adamant Eve: this pack is filled with strong quotes, aphorisms and tiny poems created by and for everyone who digs gender equality and equity. Like Jennifer Freeman says, You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. As a bonus, we've included several prompts to stay strong and pass that strength along!
No Them, JUST US:
No Them, JUST US: This social justice pack starts with one of our favorite writers Ta-Nehisi Coates who tells his son, I would have you be a conscious citizen of this terrible and beautiful world. Also a less famous, but one of our favorite poems If this love was not made in heaven then heaven's not what they taught by our friend, Stephe. Just about every social group identity is represented here.
Outside the Lines - Creativity:
Outside the Lines - Creativity: is a mindset but we tend to think of it in the domain of the artist. What is most beautiful about this pack--in addition to the stunning artwork by Kelly O'Dell Stanley - is the range of ideas, quotes and poems about giving birth to new perspectives, ideas, writing, and yes, art! This pack also features lyrics and several from our subscriber - just too good not to pass along: I would like to braid together little haikus and drape them around your neck.